Planning a Last-Minute Getaway to Stowe

Can you see it?

After a year that has been anything but, there are hints of a return to normalcy. It's almost exhilarating. Exhilarating because here we are, an end is within reach! Almost because after a year of taking a vacation from vacations (and, let's face it, everything else) it feels a little foreign. If summer snuck silently in the back door, or you forgot how to plan a vacation full of memorable experiences and don't know where to begin, the Topnotch team has you covered with a collection of easy ideas for planning a perfect getaway to Stowe, VT.



Your Home Away from Home - But Better

After a year of staying in, socializing little, we admit we kind of fell in love with the creature comforts of home. So when getting away it's important to choose a place where has everything you can get at home but more. From the timeless rusticity of Topnotch guest rooms and suites to the cozy comforts of well-appointed Resort Homes, your arrival at Topnotch will feel at once like a homecoming and a grand adventure. Begin your morning with a freshly brewed cup of espresso, end your day by slipping into pressed, white sheets and spend the time between exploring Vermont for the first time in too long a time.



Everything You Want, All Right Here

At Topnotch Resort, the luxury of choice extends to our resort activities. Enjoy tennis, spa treatments, pools and hot tubs, all within the 120-acre Topnotch campus.


Topnotch Tennis Academy

Enjoy an extensive tennis menu that satisfies both the competitive and club player. Receive world-class coaching that will propel anyone's game to the next level. Revel in the inspiring backdrop of the Green Mountains of Vermont.


Topnotch Spa

There is too much going on every day and too much to keep track of! Tune out the world and tune in to yourself. The Topnotch Spa offers over 100 different treatments, a full-service salon, and separate men's and women's lounges to relax and unwind in. Want to bring the relaxation home with you? Find the perfect way to pamper at home with a treat from the boutique.


Topnotch Fitness

With seven fitness experts offering 18 different classes, you are sure to find the perfect way to to get active at Topnotch Resort. Reinvigorate your regime with a Walk in the Woods or Restorative Yoga, or kick up your energy with Power 30 Energy Boost or Kickboxing. No matter what your current fitness level, you'll find something to suit!


The Roost

A comfortable, casual space that brings the outdoors in, and the indoors out. The Roost is the perfect spot to grab a bite for breakfast, lunch or dinner or relax next to our fire pit with a delicious craft cocktail.



Surround Yourself with Natural Beauty

The unparalleled beauty of Stowe and the Green Mountains is at your fingertips when you stay at Topnotch Resort.


Mountain Ops

You don't need to keep a fully-stocked inventory of outdoor equipment to enjoy the Green Mountains' fresh air. Mountain Ops Outdoor Gear has you covered with bike rentals, demonstrations, and guided bike tours of the area.


Topnotch Stables

Explore Stowe, VT on horseback at the Topnotch Stables. Topnotch Stables offers a unique view of Vermont's beaut, covering a variety of terrain going through woods, across the streams, and in the meadow. You've never seen Stowe from this angle before!


Stowe Recreation Path

Pick up the 5.3 mile Stowe Recreation Path at Topnotch Resort and meander over hill and dale with breathtaking mountain views and easy access to Stowe restaurants and dining. Whether walking, running, or biking, it's the perfect way to enjoy the Vermont fresh air!


Waterbury Center State Park

If you're looking to cool off in the water, look no further than Waterbury Reservoir's public beach and swimming area. For even more adventure, Umiak Outdoor Fitters is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to get out on the water.


Looking for a truly custom experience at Topnotch Resort? Topnotch Resort reservations specialists and concierge would be delighted to work with you to reserve a picture-perfect Vermont getaway tailored to your states.


The Best of Topnotch

Enjoy the best of what Topnotch Resort has to offer. Soak in the sun, relax and unwind by one of four pools, enjoy the Best of Topnotch with a daily credit to the Topnotch Spa and The Roost.

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