Seasonal Wellness Advice from the Topnotch Spa

Skin Care

After months of complexion-dulling dryness and harsh winter conditions, your skin needs extra doses of hydration and exfoliation to reset into a fresh, healthy glow for Spring. Using a daily exfoliator that helps buff off the dead, dry skin that's been accumulating in the colder winter months. The change of seasons is also a good time to switch up your moisturizer to better accommodate your seasonal skin. Our Express Instant Radiance Boost facial is a 25 minute exfoliating and moisturizing facial that gives the skin back the glow it needs - a great post-winter pick me up! You can even purchase the products used in the treatment to include in your skincare routine.


Group of people doing yoga. Photo by Luv Lens Danielle Visco



Keep it simple and try to do something active every day. Now is the time to start getting ready for summer. Just like cleaning out your closet of winter clothes, it's time to clean out some old workouts and start introducing a new routine! Not sure where to start? Book a personal training session for one, two, or even your group fitness pod.


Mindfulness & Self Care

With the increase of technology use during the pandemic, this spring is a great time for a device detox. Earthing or "grounding" is a mindfulness practice that's said to reduce stress and anxiety. Simply experience nature barefoot for 30+ minutes, whether it's reading a book in your backyard or taking a walk. Other outdoor activities that are simple to implement are stargazing, gardening, or listening to the birds chirping as they reintroduce themselves. Put yourself in the right headspace with a wonderful bird journal from the Topnotch Spa.


Strength Training

In winter we naturally gravitate to indoor fitness activities often geared towards resistance. Whether you use free weights, machines, bands, or good old-fashioned bodyweight, don't let it go in the spring and summer! Your uphill hike includes squats and lunges, swimming requires a ton of upper body and core strength that mimics the lat pull-downs and rowback on gym machines. Those 40-pound bags of soil that have to get from the car to the garden somehow! Next time you have a class with one of our fitness instructors ask them how you can incorporate fitness goals into everyday activities.


As we move into the spring season, take some time to pamper yourself. Book our Topnotch Fusion package and enjoy a $100 daily credit to the spa and a $100 daily credit to The Roost.


Topnotch Fusion Package

Enjoy the best of what Topnotch Resort has to offer. Soak in the sun, watch the snow melt, enjoy a Topnotch Spring Fusion with a daily credit to the Topnotch Spa and The Roost.

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