Reverse Foliage - Leaf-Peeping in the Spring

Stowe's Best Kept Secret


Spring foliage is often overlooked when compared to the famous fall foliage, but in reality, it is just as breathtaking. Spring offers vibrant, eye-catching color similar to the leaves of autumn, and yet offers a slower pace in Stowe, Vermont than fall.

As the maple tree buds emerge, our mountains turn shades of rusty red. Early blooms on flowering trees like fruit trees, magnolia trees and dogwoods bring in shades of whites, pinks, red and purples, contrasting the first leaves to emerge in bright yellow and lime hues. As the leaves mature, the deeper lush greens create a stunning backdrop for any landscape. Like in fall, we can watch the color creep up the mountain until it's covered in the greens we expect for the summer.

Spring offers a different pace in Stowe, as well. In the fall, thousands of people flock to our village to witness the natural change in colors and while spring can offer a similar viewing experience, there are fewer people and a relaxed, post-winter pace. There's a chance to be one of the first on the hiking and biking trails for the season or to relax in restaurants or pools with fewer people around.

Whether it's a slower snow-free vacation or early season foliage getaway, consider joining us to watch the foliage wake up this spring. For hiking trail recommendations to see the colors from a higher altitude, read our "Hiking in Stowe" blog post!