Mountain Prep - Ski Conditioning Tips

Skiing and snowboarding are physically demanding activities that require a combination of strength, endurance, and balance. To stay in shape for ski season, it's important to focus on exercises that target the muscles used in these sports, including the legs, core, and upper body. Here are some exercises you can try to prepare for ski season:

Squats: Nver skip leg day! Squats are THE exercise for building leg strength and power, which is essential for skiing and snowboarding. Try doing bodyweight squats, goblet squats with a dumbbell, or barbell squats with a low weight to start.

Lunges: Lunges are another great exercise for the legs, particularly the quadriceps and glutes. Try doing forward lunges, reverse lunges, or lateral lunges to work different muscle groups and prepare for anything the slopes throw at you.

Planks: Planks stregnthen the core and improve balance needed for on mountain activities. Try holding a plank for 30 seconds to a minute, and then gradually increase the time as you get stronger.

Push-ups: Push-ups are a classic exercise for strengthening the upper body, including the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Start with bodyweight push-ups and gradually increase the difficulty by using an incline or adding weight.

Jumping Jacks: Jumping jacks are a simple cardiovascular exercise that can be done anywhere and help improve endurance and coordination. Try doing jumping jacks for one minute, and then gradually increase the time as you get stronger.

If it seems daunting to create your own routine, join one of the a Pilates Ski and Ride prep on Saturdays and Sundays or the Winter Ski Conditioning on Thursdays. Let the instructors walk you through a work out to get you mountain ready!

Remember to start slowly and gradually increase the difficulty of your workouts as you get stronger. It's also important to warm up before exercising and cool down afterwards to prevent injury. Consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program.