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Technique to Win, Train to Win, Think to Win, Equip to Win


Topnotch Tennis Academy

“Play to Win” is a fresh and highly successful approach to teaching the game of tennis. And it’s how we choose to coach the sport at Topnotch. Derived from careful analysis of the best professional players, “Play to Win” is designed to improve your physical and mental game, to make playing its most enjoyable. Here, you learn how to become a better player versus a good hitter, how to emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses, and how to be efficient and effective on the court.

Two people playing tennis.

The method is broken down into four categories:

•    Technique to Win – stroke production
•    Train to Win – footwork skills
•    Think to Win – successful match strategy
•    Equip to Win – match your playing style with winning equipment


Within that framework, our pros are trained to consider the individual characteristics you bring to the game, and custom-tailor a training program so you become better. So come – polish your serve, improve your backhand and play to win.


Head Tennis Professional Shaun Zamalek, a seasoned Topnotch tennis professional, leads an experienced team for the daily Summer Adult Academy. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 hour sessions with a 4:1 student/coach ratio to focus on stroke production, footwork, and strategy. Because Shaun is committed to proper training scenarios, in the case of unmatched levels or numbers, a one hour private lesson will be offered. Employing the “Play to Win” approach, players explore the elements of the complete player; Technique to Win, Train to Win, and Think to Win. The two hour morning session ends with supervised match play, and the afternoon sessions builds on morning training. Each session is an independent module, so you can arrive any day and play for as many days as you want, without feeling you’re missing out on anything. Explore your strengths and build your game around them to improve your winning percentages.


New for 2019 Choose from 1, 2 or 3 hour workshops available. 


Focusing on the younger player, the Topnotch Professional team brings “Play to Win” to children from 5-14 years. Children in the Junior Academy are placed in lessons based on age and ability. Participants focus on the technical and tactical aspects of tennis; classes for older teens also focus on advanced technical instruction for recreational or competitive play. Advanced sign up required. Three players per class minimum or Academy will run in the following format: 1 player = 1 hour private.


10 and Under Tennis, using the QuickStart Tennis play format, is a right-sized learning method for kids ages 10 and under that allows them to play real tennis shortly after picking up a racquet for the first time. Designed around the same concept as other youth sports that use modified gear, courts and fields, the play format of this USTA-teaching method lets kids gain confidence and enjoy the game and the learning experience more.

Two people playing tennis.

Tennis Team Packages

Improve your tennis, bond with your team and enjoy a weekend getaway at Topnotch Resort! Whether you’re getting ready for your upcoming season or preparing for playoffs, our team of certified professionals can focus on developing the right plan for your team’s success. Call Topnotch’s Tennis Center today to customize your team’s package. Packages can include:
•    Overnight luxury accommodations
•    8 hours of Tennis Academy
•    Team building activities
•    Team meals
•    Sport massages at Topnotch Spa


Weekend Package: 3 days (Friday through Sunday)
Midweek Package: 3 days (Tuesday through Thursday)  
To receive a quote for your team please call 802-253-6435

Two people playing tennis.


Several different clinics are offered in our non-peak season (available September – June), and are an abbreviated version of our peak season Tennis Academy. These fast paced clinics with a 6:1 ratio are guaranteed to improve your level of play. Call the Tennis Academy to check out our daily offerings.

Mornings Mini Academy

This 60-minute “Play to Win” tennis clinic is available weekday mornings. With each day focusing on a particular stroke, much like our 1, 2 or 3 hour Summer Tennis Academy offerings, this clinic will help to improve stroke mechanics and takes footwork skills to a new level.

Cardio Tennis Clinic

If you like a great workout and are pressed for time, then this fun-filled clinic is for you. Cardio Tennis Clinics focus on conditioning rather than skill development. We bring out fast paced energizing music to get you moving. You don’t have to be a great player to enjoy this class. All experience levels are  welcome!

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