Tennis racket and a tennis ball at Topnotch Stowe Resort
Technique to Win, Train to Win, Think to Win, Equip to Win


Topnotch Tennis Academy

“Play to Win” is a fresh and highly successful approach to teaching the game of tennis. And it’s how we choose to coach the sport at Topnotch. Derived from careful analysis of the best professional players, “Play to Win” is designed to improve your physical and mental game, to make playing its most enjoyable. Here, you learn how to become a better player versus a good hitter, how to emphasize your strengths and hide your weaknesses, and how to be efficient and effective on the court.

Two people playing tennis at Topnotch Stowe Resort

The method is broken down into four categories:

•    Technique to Win – stroke production
•    Train to Win – footwork skills
•    Think to Win – successful match strategy
•    Equip to Win – match your playing style with winning equipment


Within that framework, our pros are trained to consider the individual characteristics you bring to the game, and custom-tailor a training program so you become better. So come – polish your serve, improve your backhand and play to win.