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The best path is the one you travel

Your Topnotch Spa experience begins before you arrive, and is meant to last long after you leave. It’s what brought you here, and it’s the direction you’ll go from here. Our expertise lies at the intersection of to-and-from, where our therapists draw from an intriguing spectrum of spa treatments and services, to answer your individual need. Writing a prescription to enhance your vitality, restore your spirit, and revitalize your natural beauty.

Check out the newest skincare line to arrive at Topnotch Resort! Naturopathica offers products that work with the skin’s natural processes to “smooth and firm,” “hydrate and protect,” “brighten and revitalize,” and “clarify and rebalance” using proven botanical ingredients and clean cosmeceuticals to deliver results. See description and rates for the facials here.

Body Wraps & Treatments

Vermont Herbal Fusion Wrap 

Relax in an aromatic cocoon of warmth. Allow your muscles to release toxins and increase your circulation. Hot linens that are steeped in Vermont-grown herbs and flowers are layered on the body and then wrapped. While your body lets tension melt away, enjoy a head and neck massage with our own custom blended sage, cedar and lavender oils. 25 minutes.

Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub  

Our Pink Salt Body Scrub is an intense exfoliating treatment that smooths the skin and increases overall circulation. This invigorating treatment leaves the skin clean and revitalized. 25 minutes.

Maple Sugar Body Smoothie

Experience a unique exfoliating and softening body scrub that is full of real maple sugar from select Vermont maple trees. Your entire body is polished with this one of a kind scrub that not only removes dead skin cells, but replenishes lost moisture to the skin for the ultimate hydrating experience. 50 minutes.

Hammam Foot Ritual

Deeply detoxify and nourish the lower leg and foot with this seven part purification. Retreat into a state of euphoria as your feet are cleansed, vigorously scrubbed and wrapped in a rich, warm layer of jasmine rose clay to draw impurities out of the body. Finish with a rejuvenating massage. Feel rested and be illuminated. 50 minutes.

Clay Body Mask 

The ideal treatment to detoxify, hydrate and re-mineralize the skin. This full body treatment begins with a stimulating dry brush exfoliation. Therapeutic warm mud collected from the Dead Sea is applied. While the mud is allowed to absorb into the skin enjoy a relaxing head massage and optional warm coconut oil hair and facial mask. The service concludes with an application of coconut body butter. 80 minutes.

Mount Mansfield Saucha

Purity and simplification were the inspiration for the creation of this truly unique treatment. Drawing from the Sanskrit term “to purify,” our Mount Mansfield Saucha session allows you to experience an uncomplicated and completely luxurious three-stage herbal body service. To begin, a Himalayan pink salt exfoliation removed with hot towels revives tired skin and improves circulation. Then, you are wrapped in thick linen sheets that have steeped in our detoxifying blend of indigenous Vermont herbs and flowers. In conclusion, you receive a 50 minute full-body aromatherapy massage. We have developed a custom blend of sage, lavender and cedar wood essential oils for a completely soothing and purifying experience. 105 minutes.

Ayurvedic Cleansing Ritual and Massage

Our ayurvedic experience begins with dry glove exfoliative lymph massage. Your body is then cocooned in warm herb-infused linens. During the wrap, enjoy the tranquility of a traditional shirodhara, where warm oil flows steadily onto the forehead and through the hair, creating deep relaxation. An ayurvedic full body massage using your personalized dosha oil completes the experience. 105 minutes.

Ten Bends Beer Hops Massage

Through our exclusive partnership with local brewery Ten Bends Beer we have created a total body beer and hops experience. Hops are naturally high in antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation, promote detoxification by flushing out toxins, and balance moisture levels when used on the skin. A full body massage with our handmade hops oil is the ultimate locally crafted body infusion. Enjoy a Ten Bends beer after your treatment. 50 or 80 Minutes.

Chakra Balancing Body Treatment

Based on the ancient healing arts of Chakra Therapy, this aromatic journey targets the energy centers of the body with unique Chakra balancing remedies.  It begins with a relaxing foot ritual to asses which blend of aromatherapy oils will help re-balance your Chakras.  Then the body is exfoliated with a blend of salts, aromatherapy, aloe and shea butter to soften and hydrate the skin. Your journey concludes with a full body warming massage using your customized oil blend ending with a balancing face and scalp ritual. 105 minutes.

Crushed Cabernet Body Contour Scrub

Exfoliate, tone, and moisturize from head to toe with grape-seeds, rich honey, softening brown sugar and essential oils – brought to us from Paris!  A unique plant-based contouring oil tones the skin, leaving the whole body glowing and replenished.   Enjoy a slimming herbal tea to treat the body inside and out.  50 minutes.

R&R CBD Massage

Enjoy natural pain relief and relaxation with a full body massing using custom blended CBD massage oil.  Topnotch has partnered with Elmore Mountain Therapeutics to create an exclusive massage oil.  Add the aromatherapy oil of your choice to make it your own!  Use as little or as much as you like during your massage and the rest is for you to take home.  50 or 80 Minutes

Massage Treatments

Specific Spot Massage

This treatment allows you to choose the specific area that you wish to focus on. The therapist can tailor the work to address problem areas or to provide gentle relaxation. 25 minutes.

Foot Massage

This delightful session soothes tired feet and eases tension. 25 minutes. 


This art focuses on pressing and manipulating specific points on the feet to assess and work with overall well-being and calm. Reflexology assists the body in relaxing and generates a balanced flow of energy. 25 minutes or 50 minutes.

Topnotch Signature Massage

Our signature massage session integrates multiple modalities of massage and heat therapies to relax the body, ease muscle tension, and improve circulation. Your therapist will customize your session based on your needs using light to medium pressure techniques, stretching and compression. Select from our variety of organic house blended aromatherapy oils or choose a hypoallergenic option for your massage. 50 minutes or 80 minutes.

Maternity Massage

This massage is designed for the special challenges and needs of the mother to be. Our maternity massage therapists are trained in the use of a variety of pillows and support methods to provide a comfortable and safe experience.  Please speak with the Spa Desk and your massage therapist to discuss how this massage can work best for you. 50 minutes or 80 minutes.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage style is directed toward specific areas of tension and imbalance in the muscular system. Deep tissue work uses a variety of firm, direct strokes and techniques to loosen specific areas and increase circulation to keep muscles supple. 50 minutes or 80 minutes.

Shiatsu Session

The Japanese word shiatsu means “finger pressure.” This technique focuses on applying moderate to firm pressure to points along the meridians, or energy pathways of the body. Shiatsu provides a nurturing and soothing way to release blocked energy and restore well-being. Please wear loose-fitting clothing. 50 minutes or 80 minutes.

Thai Massage

Dating back more than 2,500 years, this form of clothed massage blends gentle rocking movements, deep stretching and compression work to release tension and obstructions. It is wonderful for athletes and those who practice yoga as well as people who carry stress. Please wear loose fitting clothing.  50 minutes, 80 minutes or 110 minutes.

Sports Massage

This deep muscle – specific massage uses basic Swedish techniques in combination with specific sports massage styles and flexibility enhancements. It combines deep tissue work with assisted stretching techniques. If leg stretching is desired please wear shorts. 80 minutes.

Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian Style Massage 

Our Hawaiian style Lomi-Lomi massage incorporates a wonderfully hydrating and soothing organic coconut oil. Lomi-Lomi’s different techniques combine into one flowing system, resulting in a rhythm that is comforting and complete. The therapist’s fluid motion, using the forearms as well as the hands, resembles gentle waves moving over the body. Lomi-Lomi releases tension held within the body and allows increased balance and a peaceful mind. 80 minutes.

Little River Stone Massage

This highly relaxing and versatile treatment is an amazing combination of therapies. We put hot stones, cold stones, massage and aromatherapy together to create our own signature hot stone “soup.” In this treatment, you will be massaged with hot smooth stones. The heat from the stones melts through tense muscle fibers for deep relief. The cold and hot layout stones quiet the body, allowing the mind to rest. Our own wood spice oil blended with pine, eucalyptus and lavender will help to reduce stress leaving you feeling balanced and at peace. 75 minutes.

Topnotch Ultimate Custom Massage

Allow your therapist to devise the ultimate massage experience with you, for you. Incorporating various techniques and disciplines from shiatsu to deep tissue, Reiki to Reflexology, your therapist will customize the massage to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. 110 minutes.

The Subtle Energies

Craniosacral Therapy

By focusing on the movement of the craniosacral system, this treatment uses your own natural mechanisms to improve the function of your brain and spinal cord, to dissipate the negative effects of stress, and to enhance your general health. Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive technique. Please wear loose fitting clothing. 50 minutes.


This ancient Japanese form of energy work utilizes universal life energy to promote balance in the body. While the work is very light and gentle, it can have a profound effect on the whole system. 50 minutes.

Energy Healing Session

Experience a guided energy healing session customized to your specific needs. Our trained therapists will work intuitively, using a variety of traditional energy techniques to allow your body, mind and spirit to let go of energetic blockages within. Feel nourished and at peace as you allow stress to leave your body and relaxation to flow back in. 50 minutes.

Pampering Pooch

Rover Reiki and Massage Session

A combination of reiki and traditional muscle therapy massage is available for your pet in your private hotel room. 25 minutes.

Couples Room Services

Side-by-Side Massage

Simultaneous massages for two guests. Family members, friends, partners and others can enjoy a massage together in our tranquil massage suite. 50 minutes or 80 minutes.

Couples Session

Our luxurious couples massage suite is a relaxing haven where partners can enjoy side by side massages and then slowly get up and sip a sparkling beverage together by the fireplace. Choose from Signature, Maternity or Deep Tissue Massage.  65 minute massage followed by 10 minutes by the fireplace.

Couples Deluxe Session

The session begins by the fireplace sipping tea and enjoying foot massages with your partner and is followed by full body massages. Finally you are served chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate truffles while you snuggle together and sip a sparkling beverage by the fireplace. Choose from Signature, Maternity or Deep Tissue Massage. 25 minute foot massage, 65 minute massage followed by 10 minutes by the fireplace, total: 110 minutes.

Physio Therapy Massage

With Physical Therapist Donna Vernon Petit, MSPT, LMT

Physio Evaluation and Massage

Experience faster muscle injury recovery, decreased pain, and increased mobility working with Physical Therapist Donna Petit, MSPT, LMT. This therapeutic treatment involves muscle testing, massage therapy, and neuromuscular re-education. Each session is individualized to address ergonomic and postural stressors on the body. Exercises will be recommended for continued improvement. First time visit 110 minutes.

Physio Follow-Up Massage

Follow up with Physical Therapist Donna Petit, MSPT, LMT to stay on track and continued improvement after your initial evaluation service. Purchase a series of follow-up sessions at a discounted rate. 80 minutes.

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