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Meet your most radiant you. Allow us to perfect it.

Reclaiming your skin’s vitality begins with the knowledge that your skin is different from everyone else’s. At Topnotch Spa, we know that. So, our richly attuned skincare specialists start with an in-depth skin analysis to understand what you, uniquely, require. The luxurious treatments that follow provide wellness, pampering, and perfecting. Each treatment is custom to you – precisely formulated with potent ingredients harvested from nature combined with the best that skincare science can offer. The remarkable result is your own personal collection of clinical treatments that combat the ravages of stress, time, and changing seasons – restoring your skin’s balance and beauty and radiance.


Facial Services

The Signature Facial

Enjoy an aromatic and relaxing experience, specially customized for your skin’s needs. After a careful skin condition analysis, our therapists will develop a personalized facial and follow-up regimen to leave your skin balanced, revitalized, hydrated and supple. 50 Minutes.

Gentlemen’s Facial

This balancing skin-care treatment brings life and vitality back to the skin. We offer the advantages of a double action mask, combining a specially blended creamy mask enhanced by a natural multi-vitamin complex cereal. Includes a relaxing scalp massage. 50 minutes.

Refining Treatment for Men

This treatment is designed specifically for men who suffer from ingrown hairs brought about by shaving. The skin is deeply cleansed with a clarifying mask and treated with corrective serums to lighten and rebalance problem areas. 25 minutes.

Custom Clinical Facial

This is an intensive facial designed to target any area of concern for all skin types. The facial includes a mandelic and salicylic acid peel to jump-start the transformation process. It then utilizes potent products to correct and regenerate your complexion. These products combine reparative, lightening and exfoliating ingredients to help rehabilitate damaged skin, restoring a healthier and more youthful appearance.  50 minutes.

Triple Lipid Facial

This treatment will help replenish, restore and maintain lost hydration and improved the appearance of dehydrated lines, rough texture and radiance with renewed elasticity and nourishment. 50 minutes.

Collagen Boost Facial

The ultimate anti-aging facial. Stimulates collagen production for firmer and smoother skin. Vitamin C brightens the complexion for increased radiance. This treatment includes a professional retinol peel to reduce hyperpigmentation along with a very luxurious cooling and warming masking experience that tightens and lifts. 70 minutes.

Alpha-Beta Peel

The  alpha beta professional peel is beneficial  for all skin types, delivering  immediate results without any recovery time.   This micro-exfoliation treatment  stimulates  collagen production diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.  The customized blend of ingredients reduces pores and  treats breakouts . Regular treatments can visibly improve dark spots and even skin tone. 25 minutes.

Tria Age Defying Lazer

Restore Youthful Radiance with the Tria Age Defying Lazer, a clinically proven anti-ageing device that works to improve signs of ageing on the entire face, including wrinkles, discolouratijon and texture. 25 minutes.


This is one of the most effective forms of dead skin cell exfoliation, leading to diminished fine lines, wrinkles and a revived complexion. This clinical procedure allows for extreme product penetration, reducing scarring, clogging of the pores, and demarcations including sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. The results are achieved via micro-fine crystals being blown gently onto the skin, stimulating the renewal and enrichment process. 50 Minutes.

Add on service: Spectralite Treatment.

Caudalie Facials

Vinosource Soothing Hydration

A skin-renewing treatment to deeply moisturize the skin.  The skin is massaged with fresh grapes to eliminate dead cells, and hold moisture. Then a recovery essential oil massage soothes dryness, followed by an intensely nourishing and cocooning mask to restore moisture levels for a healthy glowing appearance. 50 minutes.

Vinoperfect Brightening Anti-Dark Spot

Ideal for skin lacking radiance and luminosity, this treatment corrects and prevents dark spots.  Caudalie’s products concentrated in vineferine combined with a massage using warm and cool stones stimulate your skins radiance.  You skin is luminous and features rested. 50 minutes.

Premier Cru Ultimate Anti-Aging

This exceptional beauty treatment is a blend of our most effective anti-aging ingredients and treats all signs of skin aging.  Thanks to an innovative roller and sculpting massage technique, followed by an exclusive hydrogel mask enriched with resveratrol, the skin feels denser, smoother and firmer wrinkles and fine lines fade visibly.  Your complexion looks younger and radiant. 50 minutes.

Express instant Radiance Boost

A burst of radiance in just minutes. After cleansing the skin to sweep away impurities, the mask application provides brightness and vitality to the complexion. The face is relaxed and the complexion is radiant. 25 minutes.

Just for Teens

Total Teen Facial

Specifically designed for our younger guest, the Teen Facial involves deep cleansing, toning, steam, mask, extractions and a facial massage. Our staff will also educate and discuss home care routines that will assist in clearer, healthier skin. 50 minutes.