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Meet your most radiant you. Allow us to perfect it.

Reclaiming your skin’s vitality begins with the knowledge that your skin is different from everyone else’s. At Topnotch Spa, we know that. So, our richly attuned skincare specialists start with an in-depth skin analysis to understand what you, uniquely, require. The luxurious treatments that follow provide wellness, pampering, and perfecting. Each treatment is custom to you – precisely formulated with potent ingredients harvested from nature combined with the best that skincare science can offer. The remarkable result is your own personal collection of clinical treatments that combat the ravages of stress, time, and changing seasons – restoring your skin’s balance and beauty and radiance.


Naturopathica Facials

Soothe & Restore facial:
Healing and restorative facial ideal for sensitized or rosacea prone skin. Designed to calm inflammation and redness, this facial features regenerating sweet lupine and calendula, as well as the hydrating and soothing aloe replenishing gel mask to provide immediate relief for irritated skin. 50 minutes
Skin concerns: Inflamed, irritated and overstressed
Moisture Drench facial:
Nature’s cure for thirsty, moisture-deprived skin. This hydrating facial immediately replenishes the skin with deeply hydrating botanical blends. A sensorial soothing hibiscus enzyme peel smooths and calms stressed skin. A nourishing facial massage utilizing the Gotu Kola healing balm leaves skin radiant and protected from harsh environmental elements. Ideal for high altitudes, extreme weather and desert climates. 50 minutes
Skin concerns: Dull, dry and dehydrated
Clarifying facial:
Improve skin clarity, reduce blemishes and soothe inflammation with a powerful blend of exfoliating pumpkin enzymes and moss extract for deeper cleansing. Anti-inflammatory alpine willow and rosemary promote healing and control sebum for balanced, clear skin. 50 minutes
Skin concerns: Shiny, congested and devitalized
Bio-Energy Lift Remineralizing facial:
This luxurious treatment delivers instant skin rejuvenation by accelerating cellular respiration, bringing fatigued, over stressed skin back to life. Skin becomes re-energized with the smooth & firm collection- a blend of copper and amino acid complex, peptides, vitamins and minerals to firm, lift and revitalize the skin. 70 minutes
Skin concerns: Dull, dry, devitalized and lack of elasticity