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Culinary Team
The heartbeats behind the flavors

Culinary Team

Dustin Johnson

Executive Chef

Born and raised in Vermont, Chef Dustin's culinary journey was shaped by his mother, who originated from Otto, North Carolina, instilling in him a deep appreciation for southern cuisine.

After completing his education at the New England Culinary School, he relocated to Stowe, Vermont, driven by his burning passion for the culinary arts. It was there that Chef Dustin honed his skills at various establishments, including the renowned Trapp Family Lodge. He served as the Executive Chef at both the Bistro at Ten Acres and Prohibition Pig, immersing himself in the intricacies of southern cooking and mastering the art of BBQ. His culinary prowess earned him the prestigious Food & Wine Magazine Award for Best Barbeque in Vermont in 2020.

Seeking to further expand his repertoire, he ventured to Charleston, South Carolina, a city renowned for its culinary scene. Working alongside notable chefs such as Travis Grimes, John Lewis, and Jamie Lynch, Chef Dustin refined his skills in the kitchen during his tenure at Husk, an esteemed culinary establishment. He returned home to Vermont to lead the culinary team at The Copper Grouse before coming back to Stowe to elevate the flavors at Topnotch Resort.

José Juan Colón

Area Executive Chef

In San Juan, Puerto Rico, Chef José Juan Colón developed his love for food while observing his mother and grandmother's culinary skills in their kitchens. It was there that he discovered his fondness for traditional dishes such as "Grandma's Belly," a delightful sweet potato fritter, and Salted Cod Salad. At the age of 11, when his family relocated to New York City, José's passion for cooking was nurtured by his mother, who took him to the local city farmers market, where he was exposed to diverse cultures and ingredients from around the globe.

Driven by his culinary passion, José ventured to Orlando, FL, where he honed his skills in esteemed restaurants within the city. Complementing his practical experience, he pursued a degree in Culinary Arts from La Universidad Del Este. Following his graduation, José realized his dream by establishing his own Latin barbeque restaurant in Manatí, Puerto Rico, which remains in operation to this day. Later, he returned to Florida and worked alongside renowned Chef Robert Graham at the prestigious Isleworth Country Club, where he developed an interest in molecular gastronomy. Inspired by this culinary style, Chef José aspired to bring its innovation to banquets and catering events. In 2012, he seized the opportunity to do so as the banquet chef at the world's largest Doubletree located at Seaworld-Orlando. In 2016, Chef José joined Spire Hospitality, and in March 2021, he returned as the Executive Chef at High Peaks Resort and, most recently, Topnotch Resort.

Chef José's dedication to excellence has positioned him as a prominent figure in the hospitality industry, collaborating with renowned hotel brands such as Marriott, Sheraton, and Hilton. Fuelled by his natural curiosity and enthusiasm for flavors and international cuisine, he has embarked on culinary journeys across the globe, incorporating diverse influences into his cooking. By blending Latin-Caribbean cuisine with Asian flavors, Chef José brings a modern twist to his dishes while preserving their rustic authenticity. His mastery of molecular gastronomy further enhances his culinary creations, reflecting a harmonious union of contemporary culinary perspectives and traditional roots.