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When a Celebration Deserves More Than A Day

Linger a little longer. Explore a little further.

A celebration of this magnitude deserves more. More sense of place. More time to share. At Topnotch Resort, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Green Mountains, revel in a place where the scenery is softer, the air cleaner and the memories of your unforgettable wedding day – or weekend, or week – so incredibly bright. Where the staff treasure you like family and where everyone can find something to do when you’re not saying I do. Here, your Vermont destination wedding becomes a very special celebration. A celebration of life. A celebration of you.


Just for the two of you – An Exclusive Wedding Package

We are your Four Season Wedding Specialist. It’s time! You’ve made the commitment and your dream wedding is simple and uncomplicated for just the two of you. We here at Topnotch will make sure your vision is your reality! Your backdrop is the Vermont’s Green Mountains. It serenity and beauty makes for the idyllic location. Our seasoned, professional team will make sure all your specifics are realized. For more information please call Lacy Mink at 802-253-6494.

Destination Wedding Information

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