Stowe Friendly Dog Resort

If you have dogs, you understand. It ain’t always easy.

You want to dine out because you deserve it, only to remember that it’s 30 degrees out and outside seating is no longer an option. Or, you pick that beautiful AirBnB you’ve been eyeing up for weeks and it dawns on you that you didn’t hit the filter for dog-friendly homes. And of course, you find that perfect hotel at the perfect price and forget to realize that they aren’t too keen on your four-legged friends. But, let’s all be honest, our hairy bundles of joy are just that, they are bundles of joy. A memorable vacation is a memorable vacation because they are with us and we really just don’t want to experience new places without them. They are children (sorry parents with human kids) and to us, they are just as important as the next toddler.

Stowe Vermont dog friendly hotel

Fortunately, there has been an influx of chic hotels popping up that keep dog bones at the front desk, doggie goodie bags in the room upon check-in, and even provide plush dog beds for their visiting guests. Topnotch Resort is without a doubt, one of those magical finds. Not only is Topnotch the premier hotel in Stowe, but they couldn’t be happier to welcome your fur babies. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be staying there during one of their Yappy Hours – yes, they have happy hours with your pups! Imagine a giant dog-park that serves alcohol – you can chat about the latest and greatest squeak toy while sipping on that highly sought-after Vermont beer. Because, what would vacation be without a decent cocktail. Pup has sore hips? No problem. The Spa at Topnotch even offers in-room doggy massages and sells these rad CBD dog treats courtesy of Lazy Bones. The team Topnotch Tennis always keeps an endless supply of tennis balls around too.

Being a photographer and shooting brands has me on the road quite a bit, and for my family, we travel as a pack. It is heart-warming and refreshing to have a go-to spot when my houses are rented out and I need a place to crash and Topnotch truly feels like a home-away-from-home or a dog-bed-away-from-dog-bed.

Article and photography by Danielle Visco, Luv Lens.

To book your dog friendly accommodations, please confirm that your dog will be joining you when you make your reservation. Topnotch has a limited amount of pet-friendly rooms for their guests. Topnotch Resort’s pet fee is $25/pet per night for up to two dogs per room.

Call to reserve your room today: 800-451-8686

Stowe Vermont dog friendly hotel